Sherlock, I am not.

If life was magical, my address would be 221 Baker Street, and the best Sherlock ever (Benedict Cumberbatch) would be my tenant!  Alas, that hasn’t happened yet.  Second choice would be to find tenants who pay rent each month but never actually move in. Alas again.  So, in the real world I am indeed a landlord … it’s what I do these days, and it’s not bad. My dear friend of forty years, Amechi, lives upstairs on the third floor, and downstairs in the first floor apartment, there are currently two young men who are in medical school. All good!

A few days ago I was sitting at my computer and noticed a strange noise. It sounded like either an alarm or an electronic mosquito … it was very annoying and it didn’t stop. After a few minutes I decided an alarm was more likely than a mosquito and went looking. 
Front stairs? … hmm, nope. Back stairs … nope, still no louder. Puzzled, I texted Amechi, can you hear the noise? Immediate response … Yes!  He came downstairs to help sleuth, but neither of us could find the source.  I walked outside — maybe it was someones car alarm?  Nope, the noise was softer outdoors.  It has to be coming from inside the house.  I went to the basement and the sound was definitely louder, but still not locatable, so to me it was obvious — the sound must be coming from the first floor apartment!  Unfortunately both of my medical students were away!

I texted them …  waited a few minutes … no reply. This was urgent … time to make a phone call.  I called medical student “B” who picked up right away.  I apologized for calling, and he said, no problem, he and his girlfriend were just hanging out at her apartment in New York.  Luckily, “B” could hear the noise over the phone!  I asked if it could be coming from their apartment?  “B” said that possibly med student “D” had left his pager in his room, and it was going off?  I had permission to go looking!  I entered “D”’s room, but “B” who was still listening over the phone, said, nope, that’s not the sound of a pager.   Phooey!

Now, everyone who knows me knows that my hearing is terrible, even my tenants, so “B” suggested that I ask Amechi to come downstairs to help, since he can actually hear.   Good idea, thanks “B,” I’ll text you as soon as we figure this out!  Amechi came down to the first floor with his very good ears.

Shortly after, this was the text conversation:


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  1. Well you did hear the pod so your your hearing evidently is A-okay and apparently you are the only landlord in the world who is actually liked by her tenents!

  2. When you relayed this to me over the phone we laughed until the tears came down and my stomach hurt. The image of you going all over the building with the beeping coming with you as an attachment is just priceless ! Ah the electronic warnings we have all become so accustomed to.

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