A few years ago I read something that has stuck with me. Radiologists were discussing their jobs and how they never actually met patients. They just looked at scans of patients which made them quite removed from the actual situation … they could say things to each other like, whoa look at this tumor … someone should tell this guy not to buy the extra large tube of toothpaste next time.  I chuckled … oh those doctors.

Last Thursday was another Dana Farber day for me. Started with a blood draw, then an MRI, followed by a CT scan, then to the doctors, with chemo scheduled for the end of the day. Whew. But by the time I met with my NP Jen I had already been able to read the reports from the morning bloodwork and the scans. The MRI scan provided the worst news. The cancer is growing. Unmistakably.

Chemo for the afternoon was cancelled (… it’s simply not helping). When I spoke with Dr. Eric about choices moving forward, he offered up another type of chemo and also suggested for the first time that no more treatments was an option. I nixed the chemo idea, and we decided to schedule a biopsy (of the cancer that is on the liver). It is very unlikely that it will yield clinically useful information, but what the heck, I’m not doing anything else next week.

Two things:
(1) I DO hope that the radiologists looking at my scans had a giggle about toothpaste.
And (2) I really wish I had remembered to take a selfie that day — it was a really good hair day!

Will keep you posted. Onward!

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  1. “Ma droite est enfoncée, mon centre cède, la situation est excellente, j’attaque!” Gen. Foch

    I am heading to Costco to buy you a Costco-sized supply of toothpaste.

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