May the 4th (be with you)

Apologies for such a long gap since last post. 
A few random thoughts and photos …

I got my second Covid vaccine back in March.  Only spent one day in bed with side effects … exhaustion and nausea – because of course, if nausea is listed as a possible side effect my body says, oo oo over here, I’ll take that one, I’ll take the nausea!

Last week was my 4th Doxil chemo treatment. Here’s how it goes in pictures (lots of waiting involved):

blood draw waiting area – 2nd floor
waiting area for vitals – 9th floor
exam room – waiting for docs
waiting for chemo – 9th floor

Today is May 4th and the nausea is not terrible.   
So maybe the force is with me!?!

Lilac trees in the backyard are gorgeous this week!

Since we are both vaccinated now, my sister came for a visit last week.  It was super fun but it felt like there was some strange force surrounding us.  First I managed to gash my shin while we were simply putting sheets on Kristen’s bed.  Later my phone went flying into the cat food dish.  Then my dinner fork went flying into my water glass.  The kitchen pillow flipped  into the cat food bowls (again!), and my phone went flying across the kitchen floor at least twice.  It all looked like a slap stick routine.  Chalking it up to being alone and isolated for so long — not used to more than one person’s energy in the apartment.   



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  1. Kaki, you forgot all the cat food that ended up on the floor not once but twice or was it more ?- flung from the cat dish by flying objects !!! Truly – a warning to everyone – being with your loved ones or anybody probably ! after Covid – be careful – an unknown energy can take hold and you just never know what will happen ! But with the right attitude it can be so much fun and include lots of laughter which I had not experienced in many months, may I just say. Best weekend in a year !

  2. Covid…schmovid…you are rocking that hair! How did you manage a good hair day in the middle of chemo treatments? 🙂


  3. More waiting room chair pics please — the chair on the left is quite a saucy little number!

  4. So great to see the two of you together! Hey, what’s a little spilled cat food under the bridge between sisters? Or something like that.

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