Historical hair pics

Oops! New record for lapses in blog posts here.
There’s been so little to report, and so much holiday business.

Perhaps the best thing to do is just post pics.
These are historical, so to speak, and all have to do with ‘hair’ — since the focus of this blog seems to be that : )

1 — 1972.
Me and my brother Bobby, dressed for school! We lived in Manchester, England, that year and had uniforms. I was 12, and my hair was as long as it ever got. I could sit on it. My cousin Dan often remarks that that year I was the most homely kid he had ever seen.

2 — 1973, later that same same school year.
Yeah, Dan probably was right. I’m the one on the right with the stylin’ bobby pins. My best friend Gill, on the left, is a beauty to this day; her little sister Caroline is in the middle.

Remember, this blog is all about hair!
Have to skip the high school pics of hair because I can’t find any at the moment. Skipping college pics too because I haven’t written about those years yet.
Onto pics from the last six months (not previously posted).

3 — 2018 June.
My hair ‘au natural’ when I was using the ‘cool cap’ to try to save the strands. If you’ve been keeping up, you know how that worked out.

4 –2018 later in June.
Starting to thin. Can you tell?

5a — 2018 July.
Texted a friend before and after pictures to show what five minutes, lipstick, a wig, and the right photo angle can do!

5b — Five minutes later, literally.

6 — 2018 September.
This is a selfie I sent my sister-in-law, Karen, when she suggested maybe I could put a Bam Bam style bow in my hair.

7 — What I’ve been drinking, summer of 2018 …

I will try to write something meaningful soon.
Thanks for staying tuned!
… Kaki

4 Replies to “Historical hair pics”

  1. Oh wow !!! So gutsy of you to post these. The history is good. Find the high school and college ones. Though these are pretty powerful without a direct timeline. And intense. Love them. Love you !!!!

  2. In college, before I I got to know you, you were the beautiful one, with the amazing long wavy blond hair. I remember being so jealous of your hair! Frankly, it was intimidating. I am so glad that I got beyond that to know you as you are!



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