Butt shots

Well, that title could mean several different things. I’m referring to my latest ‘treatment.’ Since estrogen failed so miserably to help over the last few months, ah hem, we’re hoping that at least it did manage to cause some ‘confusion’ for the cancer. Last week I got two shots of Fulvestrandt in the buttocks, which is a treatment I had many years ago when I was still a newbie at metastatic cancer. Back then the shots worked for a while so we’ll see what happens now. Maybe my confused cancer has forgotten that it already figured out a work-around for the medicine.

Like the estrogen treatment, using Fulvestrandt injections a second time is a shot-in-the-dark; because I have decided NOT to do any more chemotherapy treatments, there’s a very short list of options.

Recently I’ve seen a few friends I hadn’t seen since pre-pandemic. First thing out of their surprised mouths, ‘You look great!’ (They know my cancer status because of this blog.) Even Dr. Eric said pretty much the same thing last visit, “With your outward appearance and demeanor, people would never guess how much cancer there is inside you.” Okay – those weren’t his exact words, but it was the gist. It was in a funny way, a compliment.

I will continue to write about this journey of mine, but not up until the end. I have a planned conclusion for this blog. It would be super awful to keep posting and have my final entry be, “Not feeling great today, so taking just a teeny bit extra morphine ….”    : )

Got a few things to write about before that happens. ONWARD!

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  1. When friends asked me how you are after my quick visit on Monday I found myself saying – you would NEVER know she is sick. So obviously I agree with your doctor. However this comment equally describes your entire presence !!!

  2. Anything to confuse the cancer! Although I’m amazed they could find enough flesh to stick a needle into on you. Perhaps you should have some more cake soon? Stay beautiful, you. And I hope to see you very soon.

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