Thursday was, yep DF, and my blood work unfortunately was telling … numbers way up. When we’re young,  in school, high numbers mean good grades and kudos. When we have cancer, high numbers make it feel like I’m failing my class. Must’ve forgotten to do some homework, or missed a test, or not eaten enough turmeric!!!

But there are some advantages to this stage in my life. Like how FANTASTIC sleeping feels — nothing like a good 14-hour night of sleep! I never could’ve done that ten years ago : ) And my hair has been looking GREAT, if I do say so myself. After chemo made it fall out three years ago, it does not take perfection to look awesome to me. And while I still exercise regularly, sometimes now I’ll let a brisk walk count as a workout. For the most part I do not have much pain, and ibuprofen is all that’s needed (lots of ibuprofen).   When I feel queasy I eat my FAVORITE food, toast!  Yes, ADVANTAGES!

There are times, more frequent now, when I think about my life ending. I get teary and have many sad days, but because I was with each of my parents at the ends of their lives, I’m not particularly scared. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a religious person, but I have been wondering more about the possibility of ‘something’ existing after death.  In a very odd way, my deceased parents feel closer to me now … physically closer. Very odd.

Here’s a pic from last night when I went out with my daughter and god daughter for dinner. So much fun! 

Still having fun. Pasta dinner on Federal Hill, Providence

As usual, onward.

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  1. Thank you as always for sharing so vulnerably. I would love to connect on the subject of life spirit death and the eternal if you want. Call me anytime. I love you.

  2. Your hair does look great!
    Also, like Bradford, my beard is far more luxurious than it once was, too. I kinda like it, but I’m sure it’s unnerving to people who watch me try to braid it in zoom calls. It’s not as if I have a full-on Rapunzelchin, after all, but I’m thinking maybe that’s something to aspire to. You’ll have to let me know what you think, when we next chat.
    Love you. Very much.

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