Tub does in hairdo.

As of late Friday the tub and tile are in! WOO HOO! So, Saturday I took a bath — first in a long, long time. Swished my hair through that water so many times – it was GLORIOUS!!!

However, because the shower curtain rod is not here yet, I only took a bath, no shower. Which means, my short crop of hair was washed in the tub – a procedure I’m not currently well informed on. But I figured, no big deal, before it dries I’ll just put in some hair goop and be on my way. I ran many errands and then stopped for a quick dinner at a favorite spot — ended up spending two hours chatting away at the bar. When I got home and saw my reflection in the mirror … oh good lord! It looked like I had put my finger in an electric socket. Every hair on my head was standing on end, sticking straight out. The dandelion-gone-to-seed look. Oh, the hazards of bath tubs.

Sunday I found some duck tape and a bunjee cord, and voila, temporary shower curtain.

Still fixing my hair.

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  1. OMG That is so funny ! Well I’m sure everyone at the bar and elsewhere just thought you were very hip and devil may care tough.
    Next time take a pic…
    Nice shower curtain !

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