Tramp, et al

So, last post I mentioned that I was listening to a week long, online, Healing Cancer Summit.  Three discussions per day.  It was truly inspiring and educational.  Totally loved listening.  And, I now have a brand new, personal to-do list!

  • Give up dairy.  (i.e. eat even fewer foods that I already do)
  • Buy, and actually eat, ginger and celery.  (yuck)
  • Release my ‘suppressed’ emotions.  (after I find them)
  • Watch funny cat videos every day.    (  >>^..^<<  )
  • Start meditating every day.
  • Find a higher power.  (oh good lord)
  • And, start jumping on a mini trampoline.

Mid week I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought a mini-tramp.  It’s harder to do than it looks, thank you.  It also feels strange if you’re not used to it.  Most noticeable are my calf muscles which feel tight, and my jowls which seem to bounce twice as high and twice as low as the rest of my face.  Thinking my face looks a little saggier than before?  That would not be helpful.  (Probably just me  : )

I actually do have a new to-do list because of the week, and the above items are actually on it, along with many others.  I’m going for it!





11 Replies to “Tramp, et al”

  1. Super fun – a mini-trampoline! Everything else…muahahahahahahaha. Except for the celery – that’s just super-yuck, and absolutely unacceptable!

  2. I have to agree on the celery. Surely there are better equivalents !
    Everything else sounds well – why not ?!
    Do I get to try out the trampoline when I visit ???!!!

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