Tough week for me, not terrible for the HAIR!

This week was a second Tuesday in a row for chemo.  I don’t have a ton of experience yet (this was only my fourth iv chemo) but it seems the second week is definitely tougher than the first week.  I spent a lot of time napping and trying to eat more food than I wanted.  I have great expectations for next week, my week off … such as, not going to the hospital.

I received some funny responses to the post about my sunburned scalp, so I might have to start adding pictures — maybe next post.  (( quick FYI, if you want to ‘comment’ directly on a post, click on the post’s subject, then the post will appear solo and have a comment field at the bottom! ))

Back to HAIR.  It is indeed almost all gone, but not completely, which somehow makes me feel better.  What’s left behind are all the hairs that had already turned white (my color for graying).  My overall hair color had been a dark blonde, so several people asked me, Oh did you dye your hair?  Did I WHAT?  Let’s think about this — my hair is down to a possy of about 157 members and I’m gonna put bleach on them?  That would just be mean : )  No, I’m treating them with the utmost respect, using my “Extreme Volume” shampoo and conditioner to keep their confidence up.   Sometimes they even stand at attention.  Sometimes I flatten them down and arrange them carefully to cover as much scalp as possible.  These hairs are my buddies!  I’ve even scheduled a hair cut with my stylist to tidy them up — hahaha, that’ll take her about 4 minutes : )

Definitely pictures soon.


3 Replies to “Tough week for me, not terrible for the HAIR!”

  1. Okay ! that was really funny (and informative on so many levels) about your careful and respectful treatment of your remaining head hairs.

    I am not sure if these post responses get shared with everyone but in case they do this is Kristen, Kaki’s sister living in NY.

    I have been thinking that pictures would be so wonderful. The ones you sent me were lovely. I showed the one with your purple headband and with bow for dinner with Aaron to my friends. One of them said how could she still look so beautiful going through all of that ?!

  2. I ditto Kristen’s comments! Kaki, your writer voice is wonderful. I love that it inspires two divergent internal responses simultaneously: an ‘oh no!’ yet I am laughing, too. Brilliant! XO

  3. I’m following along—and want to echo the opinion that you have a wonderful, unique voice in your writing. Maybe someone nearby can give you a henna crown—or maybe you could be my first guinea pig.

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