Tomorrow, Tuesday

Tomorrow, Tuesday, starts round three of chemo.  My fifth treatment.  Week seven.  I would like my hair back.

Last week was a successful week off, because I did NOT end up in the hospital.  Was a little nervous but managed to even ‘go away’ for a weekend with old friends — sort of a reunion.  So much fun, and my old friend Susie even knitted me six (SIX!) cute hats.   Part of this weekend was spent working on, let’s call it, inner healing.  Susie teaches a new-age sort of ‘philosophy’ teaching people about their inner ‘energy’ profile, what it means, and how to live a fuller, healthier life.  So we spent time teaching me how to do this.  Over the years I have been given A LOT of cancer advice, from herbs, to drugs, to yoga and meditation, to vitamins, visualization, you-name-it.  There is little I poo poo outright, and I am willing to consider most advice given by people whom I like.  So, this new set of ideas from Susie draws together some techniques I have considered in the past … sort of “visualization plus.”  Hopefully I can keep this up because I actually feel better when I do it.  It’s sort of meditative, and meditation has been tricky for me in the past.

Tomorrow morning:  first appointment is a wig fitting on the 1st floor.  Could be fun, could be itchy.  I think I want a wig for when I want to blend in to the crowd.  Second appointment:  blood draw on 2nd floor.  Then up to the 9th floor for ‘vitals.’  Then checkup with my NP — hoping to hear my ‘tumor marker’ numbers are getting better.  Finally, I re-checkin on 9th floor for chemo.  It’ll be a long day.

On the way home I will visualize hair growing back on my head.

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  1. It was such an honor to get to be with you. I hope you enjoy your hats, and I like the wig idea! Did you go with a new style and color, or something familiar?

    I really enjoyed your description of 9 Energies. I am always fascinated in how and what people take in from what we say. And, we are glad if it helps in any way.

    We are still in Boston, connecting with more old friends and making some new. But you are still the highlight of the trip Miss Magic! You inspire me. Hugs and love forever.

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