Tomorrow, today, and chemo curls


‘Onward’ is often at the end of my blog posts, but it seemed like a good way to start today. Tomorrow is a Dana Farber day, and I’m trying to spend today thinking positively, not doubting.

On the hair front, yesterday I used a hand held mirror to take a peek at the back of my head. Ah, I do have “chemo curls” after all. Those curls makes it seem like my hair is growing really, really slowly, so today I bought a bottle of biotin supplements … hoping to speed things up. : )

chemo curls
chemo curls

Will report back on my numbers tomorrow.
Oh, oh, oh, new thought … maybe I should play my numbers in power ball !!! They’d be as ‘good’ as any numbers. (which is NOT very good : )

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  1. Sending love! My middle daughter Monica Graduated from MSU yesterday. I did a lot of reminiscing about our graduation, all those years ago. We have lived a lot of life since then. Not all of it easy, but what a journey! I am so happy that my journey has crossed paths with yours and look forward to seeing you again – how about planning a trip to Bozeman to hang out with us! We are staying home all summer and hoping for visitors!

  2. Your chemo curls are arriving as mine are going away. Good luck tomoro!!😘😘💪🏽💪🏽

  3. Love your curls. I don’t remember mine. Biotin did wonders for my nails . Hair?

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