Time Zones, Self-quarantine, and Social Distancing

Let’s see if today, Friday, I can write at 10:30 PM EST?  Times zones are still a little muddled in my head.

I got back Monday night from Sydney! Australia! Never thought I’d visit down under, but my daughter is studying abroad for a semester, and she had a week break from classes, so, off I went. The travel was strenuous to say the least — I flew cattle class and flights were canceled two different times, so lots of airport shuffling. Nevertheless, I made it! When I arrived at 8:00 in the morning my daughter declared that she would keep me awake all day to help with my adjustment to Sydney time!!! (It actually did help.) We traipsed all over town – Chippendale, Spice Alley, Bondi Beach, Tamarama Beach, and Bronte Beach (walking in between), many metro stations, buses, and trains, and finally Potts Point where we checked in to my AirBnb and went grocery shopping.

AirBnbs are hit or miss – I’ll leave it at that.

By day 5 we moved to a hotel in The Rocks section of Sydney — nice change, and I’ll leave it at that.

Sydney is AWESOME!   That one word sums up the trip.

On day 9 it was time to head home. Before I left for Australia there was some attention being given to the ‘novel Coronavirus’, but certainly not the craziness that greeted me when I returned.

Now, back in Providence, it is suggested that anyone who has traveled internationally in the last two weeks should self-quarantine for 14 days. Well, sure, okay. Roger! I can do that! And yesterday I learned about social distancing — six feet is the ‘safe’ distance – 6 feet from anyone who might spread a virus TO you, or, get infected BY you. Roger! Got that too!

I’ve now used the drive thru to pick up Rx at my local pharmacy, and I’ve had 7 bags of groceries delivered to my front steps. Things could be worse, eh? Let’s hope it doesn’t get too much worse. The cancer medications I’m on deplete my white blood cell count to half of normal, and I also have diabetes as a (second) underlying condition. Oy – I’m in the high-risk group! So I’m trying really hard to not catch this bug.

Although, if ya think about it, Coronavirus is killing the aged and infirm. It’s not killing the young and promising amongst us. If we’ve got to have a virus that does some pruning of the human species, maybe this one’s not terrible?   Having said that, I WOULD like to stick around for a while longer, even in my old and infirm state.   : )


Kaki, Opera House, and clouds


Opera House closeup


random Sydney cockatoos


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  1. I’m so glad you had a good time and are back safely. I guess I’ll see you at a social distance when the 14 days is up. In the meantime, let’s chat when we’re both awake! xoxoxoxoB

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