Today, Thursday, has been a so-so day. Or maybe more of a trying day? No, it’s really been a sucky day.

It was a Dana Farber Thursday, for the first time in two months. Early morning blood work with IV, CT scan, MRI. Later, vitals and doctors. I hadn’t been feeling spectacular in June and July, but ya know, that could be attributed to pandemic fatigue, or the weather. Turns out the tumors on my liver are all bigger, so that may have contributed too. What this means, if you’ve been following along, is that I’ll be starting new medications asap … the current meds have stopped working. One bit of good news is that the new meds do not cost as much as a Maserati! Eric, my doctor, said he hasn’t even prescribed this particular medicine in the last five years. We’re trying it simply because it is the last ‘hormonal’ treatment I haven’t already used. And I tend to do well with hormonal treatments. If this doesn’t work, which we’ll know in a few months, then back to iv chemo. And I remember vividly how that worked out two years ago.

Before leaving I had two questions:

  1. If there’s a COVID vaccine will the distribution be organized as I heard someone speculate? First-responders get the first vaccines, then school kids, then high risk individuals — like almost every patient at DF. I asked, will we be on some sort of a list?
    Contorting his face Eric replied, where do YOU live, the Netherlands?
  2. How long?
    Eric said he couldn’t possibly know, so I reminded him that two years ago he guessed I had between 2 and 5 years left to live. He smiled and said, okay then, same answer today.

Conclusion … maybe today was more of a so-so day than sucky.


4 Replies to “Thursday”

  1. I love you too.
    I think of Thursdays, generally, as being “meh!” Today was a little better than “meh!” because it had you in it.
    Also, I went for a walk with the dogs outside the city where there were few people and the weather was beautiful. Nice change of scenery, even if it was brief.
    And yes…ONWARD! WOOT!

  2. can’t wait for the next time we share a salsa and margarita ….
    you can have ALL the guac
    love you, miss you,

  3. You, my dear, are so courageous in the face of so, so many things, any one of which could bowl an ordinary person over. And still so funny, too! LOVE YOU!!

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