The tub. Then tile. And then the toilet.

The tub is going in today! Then tile, then fixtures and paint, and then finally I will soak! The impetus for installing a tub came from my many trips to Dana Farber — when I get home, I’m usually exhausted and ache to sit in a deep bath. Since my apartment was tub-less, I shopped around and found the teardrop shaped beauty getting installed today. I CANNOT wait to lean back and dip my head into warm water. Haven’t felt my hair swishing around in water for a long, long time, and I HAVE hair now. It’s time.

At my sister Kristen’s urging I will now also describe my new toilet. Not the toilet actually but the seat. I ordered a bidet toilet seat … google it if you’re not familiar. Our mom had a bidet from the time I was 12 until she died. I actually never tried it … seemed sort of personal, but mom loved her bidet. So I decided, eh, maybe I’ll get one. Research followed, and, OMGosh!!! Mom!!! if you knew what was available today!!! Heated seat, with night light. Separate, position-able nozzles for what they call rear and lady washes. Micro bubbles in the spray. Adjustable water temperature and pressure. Massaging/oscillating cleanse. Heated air dryer. Self sterilization for the nozzles, and a charcoal deodorizing filter. THIS is going to be an experience!

Quick question: ‘rear’ and ‘lady’ wash? Really? I’m gonna guess that a few men might take a spin at the lady wash cycle with the ‘massaging/oscillating cleanse.’ Just a guess.
My contractor Steve is predicting that first time I have a party there’ll be a line outside the bathroom door. ‘Hey Susie, hurry up in there.’ No one will ever leave the party.

Will let you know.


10 Replies to “The tub. Then tile. And then the toilet.”

  1. Micro-bubbles… sounds like champagne!
    I think youโ€™ve just created a personal home spa !! ๐Ÿ’› Excellent!! ๐ŸŒŸ

  2. Kaki, you lucky gal! My cousin has that seat and it is de-vine! I always look forward to visiting her if only for the bathroom experience! Enjoy! You will love it!

  3. Funny when I was building my house the older lady in the “bath” store suggested I get a bidet. She said something like “honey as you age you’ll really appreciate what this offers”. I was a bit taken back so I didn’t succumb. But having read your description (and given I’m a tad older) I’m thinking I should have listened to her. Ce la vie!

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