The Thursday Report

Last Thursday things pretty much went as expected. Bloodwork, doc, then shots. Almost didn’t do the shots though, because of the discussion with NP Jen which went something like this: Your numbers are way, way up again; very little chance the shots are actually doing much good; you can go on hospice any time you like; guessing that you have 2 months left to live, give or take; this is the first time I’ve seen you actually look ‘not well.’

Jen also said some really nice things, like, you’ve been amazing throughout this whole process. But let’s talk about the important stuff — when Jen mentioned that I did ‘not look well,’ I think I’d’ve preferred it if her news was … There’s the a truck about to hit you! but your hair looks fabulous! So dear friends who’d like to visit me, the following will all be welcome comments to start conversations … wow, you look awesome … how DO you stay so fetching … you look marvelous my dear.

I am kidding of course. My vanity is not that crazy. But my time is limited. I hope to be in touch with many of you, my friends, and I plan to write one more blog post before I say an online b’ bye.

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  1. Oh my darling. I remember the first time I saw you! lIke it was yesterday. Your gorgeous blond mane of hair almost to your waist, and you with this beautiful aloof way. You knew your way around Brown, and seemed so self assured. I watched you with great envy. Then when we became friends I was so grateful to be your friend.

    I am sorry when I wasn’t always the best or most thoughtful friend. One of my regrets over this lifetime was that I didn’t spend more time with you!

    You have always been the pioneer, stretching my self-perception and asking me to be a better person. I am honored to be on your friend list. No matter whether you look stunning or bald, or pink or green – I love you, and I always will. Let’s talk soon.

  2. Dear Ms. Accola:

    In my capacity as the President of the Society of Heterosexual Israelites with Keen Sensitivity to Attractiveness (SHIKSA), I can assure you that it is the considered opinion of our membership (based on in person and photographic evidence) that you are a solid ten.

  3. Your gallows humor is unparalleled! It helps me with my terror management. Alas, it will also make me miss you that much more, my friend. And for what it’s worth, you’ve still got GREAT legs!

  4. You do have fabulous hair. Though we’ve never met – I know you via Marie, fell in love with your art, acquired the most fabulous Raccoon collage and have followed you via this blog – I feel like I know you and can say with all sincerity your awesomeness is beyond inspiring. A beautiful spirit inside and out. You’re obviously facing a huge challenge. One I am confident you’ll face with grace filled with love and gratitude for being you from your friends. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  5. Dearest Kaki, you are such an inspiration in so many more ways than you’ll ever know. We all aspire to have your humor and grace, and of course your fabulous hair and legs. 💕💕💕

  6. Dear Kaki, the beauty of your spirit goes far beyond your already impressive smile! And hair! And sparkling eyes!

    Shine on.

  7. Kaki, you are the most stylish, most fun , GORGEOUS, most hilarious cool lady. You are a solid ten completely. This shitty situation does not change these facts. One iota. Also I’m going to sue your doctor for not saying anything about your hair which I’m looked amazing . Xoxoxooxxoo for infinity

      1. Also , I’m in complete denial of all this. Though I know I shouldn’t be. . I love you completely and am sending you so so many hugs and so much love . Can’t wait to see you in two weeks.

  8. Kaki, your smile and eyes are always radiant and your hair has been looking especially fabulous! I am so very sorry to hear about this timeline. Sending you much love and letting you know I’m thinking about you and treasuring many happy memories of margaritas, shopping at Providence Mall, and giggling drunkenly through talent competitions 💗 Get out your tiara, Miss RI, because pageant time is coming 👸🏼

  9. I have it on good authority that your hair does, indeed, look fabulous. And I am looking forward to seeing it in person soon. Love you.

  10. Wait—I haven’t said this out loud? Thought I had. How you were not intimidating freshman year even though you were gorgeous? That was a huge achievement. And how you’re still gorgeous, and still not intimidating? How in the world do you do it?

  11. You’re an amazing person inside and out, and you have always looked marvelous, regardless of what your body was putting you through. At Chris’ wedding just 3 weeks ago, you still looked amazing, in a fabulous dress (no surprise there with your inimitable style sense), with sparkling eyes and dazzling smile. And yes, I think your hair looked pretty damn wonderful too!
    As I read your blog I want so badly to believe this is all fiction but I know what you’ve been through. I admire (not a strong enough word really) your courage, discipline, fearlessness, forthrightness, candor, intelligence, and most especially humor. Some of your stories here made me literally laugh out loud.
    I hope you know I have always loved you, even though family changes and distance meant I didn’t get to see you as much in more recent years. I am lucky that I will always carry in my heart memories of all the wonderful times we shared.

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