The Plan

New plan: no more alcohol.
I’m gonna test this plan until my next DF visit in November.    

Since on Monday my tumor markers were up, even though only slightly up, it probably indicates my treatment is losing effectiveness … that’s been the rule in the past, once the trend changes from down to up, it’s not going back. Which means I will need to change meds again.  Which s*#%*cks, because my body has been tolerating these meds really well and so far they’ve been doing their job. 

I exercise religiously, eat healthfully, meditate daily, and have a fantastic support system. I figured the ONE place I could ‘cheat’ was drinking. Research shows that alcohol is not great for cancer, but since I’m not a heavy drinker, and because I love a good cocktail, I’ve been ignoring that particular data.

Tuesday, I called Aaron … come over for a last evening of drinking?
I had a REALLY good bottle of champagne in the fridge and was NOT going to miss out on it! … It was D E L I C I O U S !  (thank you Pam : )
When Aaron was leaving, he said … well, looking forward to November when you can drink again!

Well … wait. If in November my numbers are steady I’ll attribute the good news to The Plan. The Plan could help slow the cancer! That’s the hope. On the other hand, if the numbers aren’t good … well, then, I’m going home and having seven cocktails! In the bathtub!

It’s an excellent Plan … I win whatever happens.  

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