test tube update

Yesterday was a Dana Farber day.

Two weeks ago I emailed Dr Eric to ask if I could reduce my meds from 4 to 3 pills a day because I was miserable. He said, sure try it for a week. I felt less awful on the lower dose, so I stayed with 3. At yesterday’s appointment I was not expecting much — these new meds were not likely to do much, after all; Dr Eric just thought they were worth a try. MUCH to everyone’s surprise my numbers were quite improved.   Dr Eric was grinning, sort of pleased with himself for thinking of this medication … it’s not used much anymore, sort of old fashioned. I was grinning too … I am THRILLED you thought of this old med! 

Since my numbers were good, I’m staying on the 3 pills a day, and the side effects have softened a bit.  Yes, I’m still irritable and depressed, but we have pharmaceuticals for that! (Thank you prozac – as of today I have not killed anyone.) My feet are swollen every night, but, it’s long pants season! I’ve gained 7 pounds, but Jen said I was too skinny before anyway : )

I do sometimes feel like a test tube. This month we’ll throw this in and see what happens!  A grateful test tube who has very smart people taking care of her.

… Onward


Post Script:  My sister asked me if I could go back on any of the drugs that had been used on me over the last ten years. I explained that with metastatic breast cancer, ya throw one medicine at it and it works for a while, but then the cancer figures out a work-around so the drug stops working. Kristen said, well has anyone tried it? Maybe the cancer gets confused, or gets forgetful about which drugs worked!           
I have promised to ask!

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  1. Sometimes going back to the old faithful’s is the best wisdom.

    Sending healing vibes for better numbers for ever.


  2. VERY BEST NEWS in a long time !!! So happy ! Also a really good thing to be at DF with your brilliant doctor, who I have never met but now love.

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