stepping stone

This evening I was on the phone with my dear pal, and love, and sister-in-law, Karen, who, like me has not-insignificant health issues.  Her’s are cardio … heart problems since childhood.  She and I are both big believers in positive thinking and positive visualization.  While positive thinking/imagery are sometimes written off as silly, ‘wishful thinking’,  positivity can and does make one’s thoughts, one’s head, feel better even if not one’s body.  (I believe it can do both.)  But EVEN if only your mind and thoughts feel better, hell, that’s huge! 

Tonight Karen admitted that she was just not able to see herself as being strong and robust … could not do the visualization.  Ha, I thought, I’ve been there!  Decades ago I remember thinking I’d never be able to handle diabetes gracefully.  Was frustrated that I couldn’t imagine it and couldn’t visualize it at all.  So, what I did instead was this … I visualized myself being able to visualize it (living a life with diabetes in control).  It was my ‘visualization stepping stone’. 

It worked.  Not over night, but it worked. 

Karen loved this!  Loved the tactic of visualizing yourself being able to visualize.  I had only ever mentioned this idea to my daughter, when she was a teenager, and of course, as a teenager she ROLLED HER EYES big time.  So it never occurred to me that it could be of interest to anyone, even though it has worked for me many, many times.  

I have more to write about hurdles and positivity, but wanted to get this written tonight, Sunday.  Thursday is a big Dana Farber day — CT scan, MRI, blood tests, NP, and then oncologist.  Woo hoo!  


(And, quick update, hair is very FLUFFY with this summer humidity.   : ) 

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