So much time, so little to do

We’ve all been waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting FOREVER for the damn pandemic to be over. Last year at this time I thought, okay, I can do this isolation thing.  It’ll be fine. I can have groceries delivered. I can shop online. No problem.  Thank goodness for the internet, I can do this. Thank goodness for Zoom. 
But then, it kept going on. And on. And on. So much time, so little to do.
Occasional, inaudible screams have been fluttering from my brain.

On February 23 I got my first Covid vaccine. I had no idea that I’d actually be giddy — seeing the needle go into my arm was like a first sighting of light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to dance down the corridors singing Hallelujah! (I resisted.) Now, there’s a bit more waiting – the time between first and second vaccine shots, and then two weeks before immunity fully kicks in. This waiting time includes something new though, a smile on my face as I make a mental list of all the things I will do. (IKEA, CVS, WFs, … all the trips that used to feel irksome will now be filled with joy, FOREVER.) The thought of picking a box from a store shelf, feeling its weight, reading the ingredients, and MAYBE, just maybe, putting it back makes me shiver with delight.

Three weeks ago I mentioned that my first chemo treatment (with Doxil) ended up being rather tough. Ten days of nausea and vomiting. BRUTAL. I am hoping that the sickness was not caused by the chemo but rather by my withdrawal from my previous meds — which could be true. I’ll know in a few days. I just had my second round of Doxil chemo on Thursday. Most chemo related nausea happens within a day or two, however last month it happened on day 4 for me. Again hoping for the other explanation — not sure I can go through 10 days of nausea and vomiting each month. Cross y’alls fingers, please. Monday will tell.

Now I have to go buy a new car. SCREAM! I don’t want a new car. My current, broken car should’ve lasted for the rest of my life, but I keep on living longer than expected.  It  gave up. So irritating. Gives me zero pleasure to buy a new car — I don’t even like cars.  And the current car broke down on Thursday, my chemo day, of all the nerve.  THAT added a bit of stress to a day that did NOT need extra. I do need to have a car to drive to my second vaccine appointment. What should I name the new car?  COVID?  Chemo?  Any other suggestions? 


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  1. LOL ! you might be the only person I know, other than myself, that has zero interest in cars. But a new car is always nice when you finally get it ! After the searching, pricing, arguing with the dealer but then you actually get a NEW car ! Says me who doesn’t even own one. Naming it will be fun. You can solicit from everyone you know. A contest maybe ?!

  2. “Fauci”
    For dogs, cars, and anything you hope to be consistent and keep on going, pragmatic, deliberate and trustworthy. 😉
    I’m expecting to be car shopping soon too. I got 225,000 miles on mine and am just biding my time. Car shopping is not fun, I agree.

  3. I look forward to all your posts, Kaki! Up, down, sideways – you’re always brilliant. Your new car should be proud to have you as its owner. Maybe it will choose its own name? But I would call it Alexander: a conqueror of worlds, young and handsome.

  4. Wish I could be there while the thoughts go thought your mind! Always loved watching your mind at work!

  5. New or used? Used, one word: Carvana. Doing for buying a car what Amazon did for, well, everything…do not have to speak with a car salesperson again. CarMax also has great online capabilities and probably more selection.

  6. Sooo love your posts! They always brighten my day. Hoping tomorrow comes without any nausea or vomiting. Sending 💕

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