So many Thursdays


FIVE Thursdays ago were my scans with the not-so-great news.  

FOUR Thursdays ago was my biopsy. (The procedure was a breeze – oh, except for the fact that they did not give me enough anesthesia … but after I screamed OOOOWWWE I think they upped it).  

THREE Thursdays ago I met with NP Jen and Dr Eric who reported that the biopsy showed my cancer has remained very strongly estrogen-receptor-positive (meaning it eats estrogen to grow).  That’s why 11 years ago my ovaries were whisked out of me.  Followed by years of treatments to squash any remaining  specks of estrogen produced in my body.  It’s all been sort of successful — I’ve survived a pretty long time doing everything that was recommended.  So guess what the recommendation three weeks ago was?!!  Give me ESTROGEN as a medication.  What the #$*%? 

The explanation?  Well, it seems that if we “perturb” the hormonal environment of the cancer, it confuses the cancer for a while and can help.  So we are currently perturbing/confusing the cancer with its favorite candy.

My personal tactic is to confuse it with tequila. Seems just as valid.

I have prodded Dr Eric with ‘the question’ and he estimates that I have between 6 and 12 months to live. 

The weeks since my last post have been busy! Filled with visits! Friends’ visits. This is great fun of course, because I have awesome, brilliant friends (each of whom seems to be worried about getting to Providence before I kick the bucket : )  We have all been laughing out loud a lot.  THAT will confuse the heck out of the cancer.

NEXT Thursday back to DF for the usual … blood work and chatting.

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  1. I will be happy to donate as much estrogen as you need. Nigel would too, but as you know he is all testosterone.

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