so many beeps

There are so many beeps in my life:

My phone beeps for texts and calendar reminders. Yes, I know I can turn those off, but then I’d never notice texts and would probably never have friends again. I got a new computer that is in sync with my phone — so now, if I happen to be sitting at the computer with my phone, and a text or reminder comes in — DOUBLE beeping, double volume … makes me jump out of my skin. Hoping I’ll get used to it.

My house alarm beeps whenever a door is opened — it’s the ‘chime’ feature, which should be called the ‘three beep’ feature. I DO like to know when doors have been opened, so I keep this on.

My refrigerator beeps three times if I leave the door open — this one has proven helpful, once I figure out what’s beeping : )

The microwave beeps five times, really, really loudly, when it finishes — I usually launch myself across the kitchen to try and open the microwave door before the timer ends, because once those five piercing beeps start, there is no silencing them. They are that loud.

The dishwasher beeps when it’s done — I think five times. Unnecessary.

Check my glucose level — beep!!!

And now, my new omnipod (insulin pump) beeps at me. Three beeps as a reminder of something or another, quite often. It sounds EXACTLY like the house alarm chime beeps. Twice I’ve gone running around the house to check which door was opened. Ohhhhh, never mind, just a reminder that I’ll have to change my pod tomorrow.

All good. Onward!

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  1. To add to the fun – “someone” I live with seems to love this bird clock he bought that very loudly announces every hour with a different bird call. I would be happy to give it to you and claim no knowledge of where it disappeared. 😊

  2. LOL !!! And 😬 yikes 😳 sounds like none can be removed. Can you lower the volume on any I wonder ? Probably not the microwave, refrigerator, door alarm but computer and phone can be… still too many. What a dilemma 🤦🏼‍♀️🔕 Quess that old saying – saved by the bell – is no longer a thing. You are plagued by the bell ! You definitely get the prize for most bells in one’s life ‼️

  3. Torture by beep may be one of the worst — right up there with watching endless loops of “Mama Mia I & II.”
    Yesterday I spent hours trying to find which of my fire alarms was beeping only to find it was the carbon monoxide detector. I went to the store and got a new battery for it. After replacing the battery the beeps returned within minutes — turns out these detectors expire after 5 yrs.
    So I hope all your beeps are good ones and that they are kept to a bare minimum.

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