sewing, Dana Farber, and cats

Hello, hello.  Hope everyone is well and sheltering in place! 

I’ve been self-isolating since returning from Sydney.  That was a MONTH ago!  I’m getting a little stir crazy, but it could be a lot worse … needed groceries are delivered regularly … my dear housemate Amechi gets me the groceries I can’t find online (like toilet paper!) …  the drive-thru Walgreens provides an exciting outing every week or so … I have two cats to keep me  company … and, of course, thank GOD for all the memes!

I’ve been sewing a little too. 
Made a super cute cat cozy …

cat cozy - empty 
But the cats are boycotting it.  Maybe I could turn it into a hat.

Made a super cute mask!  Which went perfectly with the outfit I wore to Dana Farber on Thursday!

The DF appointment was a month overdue because of (1) my trip to Australia, and (2) COVID-19.  This coronavirus is complicating a lot of things.  Anyway, my tumor marker and liver numbers were all good!  Whew! 
So I’m thinking, I’ve battled diabetes for almost 50 years, and prevailed.  I’ve battled cancer for 15 years, and survived.  If I die because I frickin’ touch my face I’m going to be pissed. 


OMG, look!  Merlin decided the cozy was cozy. 

All is well.  Thank you Merlin!  Cleo, we’ll talk later.

7 Replies to “sewing, Dana Farber, and cats”

  1. Wonderful! Gorgeous colors. Very smart of you to find a matched pair of black cats. They are the perfect models for that deluxe cat-bed. All joy.

  2. Great news on the numbers! Maybe Merlin was just waiting for that? I wish I had a cozy to curl up in…xo

  3. LOL !!! Your sense of humor is still very much in tact despite the pandemic ! Thank you for that !
    I am looking forward to seeing Cleo’s cat cozy please…
    Love your mask combo. It has inspired me to look through my scarves.

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