It’s been two weeks since my last post.  Without ongoing chemo there seems to be a shortage of drama my life.  My next Dana Farber appointment is in four days, and it will have been a month since I was last there.  I’ve been taking the pricey new drugs.  Nothing bad has happened (that I know of).  Let’s just call this writer’s block.

A friend-of-a-friend who has been reading this blog looked at other pages on my website.  (Who even knew there were other pages!)  She liked my collages and asked me to create one for her.  Which is great, it’s flattering, and it makes me remember a Seinfeld episode:  Elaine’s boyfriend artist is near death … George decides to buy some of the guy’s paintings since the price of dead artists’ work goes up … the sick artist unexpectedly recovers!  … George never wins.

I was supposed to have a proposal to this friend-of-a-friend last week, but I’m still trying to figure out how to approach the piece.  Can I create it without cuteness?  With new insight?  This is important.  I lie in bed imagining I’ve created collage of a raccoon that says something.  Let’s just call this artist’s block.

Regarding cancer, question marks in my head prevail  …  what’s going on with the tumor growth?  What’s going on with my lack of hair?  What’s going to be next on my agenda of medications?  Regarding life, more questions  …  can I be imaginative?  and creative?  and, am I worthwhile?

The answers:  who knows, it’ll grow back eventually, who knows, yes, I have a raccoon idea, and yes.  Carol, I’ll get the proposal to you asap.  Sorry for the delay, and hopefully you’ll be as unlucky as George.

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  1. Omg, I am so glad I didn’t watch Seinfeld on a regular basis. And I’ve never wanted to be more like that dreadful George in my life. Can’t wait to see what your very clever imaginative mind comes up with respect to the raccoon.

    I hope your appt goes well

  2. True raccoon story– When my wife Theresa and I were dating I went up to see her family for the first time in Marion, OH (President Harding’s hometown — he was seriously one of our greatest Presidents — but I digress). Theresa’s sister was alone with the kids because her husband was traveling on business and she was complaining that the freezer was full of raccoon meat from his recent hunting trip. Theresa asked what raccoon tasted like and I was ready for the pro forma answer of “tastes like chicken.” Much to my surprise she instead answered “tastes like squirrel” and Theresa readily nodded her head. Apparently in their youth they would often hunt the little varmints on their cousin’s farm in Indiana. I don’t know whether this tail will inspire you, but I think it does teach us all to think outside the box. Godspeed!

  3. Reminds me of another creative challenge…. Do you remember the back page of Mad Magazine that was one image and then you folded it and it became a whole new image?… I met the artist Jaffe he told the story about creating the first one and how it took weeks and weeks and weeks and when he was finished with it he said oh my God I can’t believe I did this and that there can’t be another solution like this possible this is the only one that will ever work. So he proudly showed it to his editor who said “this is great” now we want one every month. I believe that’s a true story…… of course Jaffe didn’t have cancer

  4. I love raccoons. And Seinfeld. George is kind of the worst tho. But I’m sure there will be something really cool with this raccoon. Send pictures. Love and miss youuuu!

  5. Batman outfits for his sidekick Robin reminded me of racoons when I was a kid. That’s all I’ve got, except that they evidently make lovely pets if you train them from babyhood but that is of course dangerous for their longevity.
    I know your collages and I think you will have no problem once the block takes a hike which it should since you have always been a wonderful artist.

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