random thoughts … during covid-19 isolation

So many thoughts … so little time to write.   Haha … yeah, right!  
Here’s a laundry list of things circulating in my brain today:

Before today I did not know a tanka from a Tonka truck. Now, newly enlightened, I can explain that tanka is a form of Japanese poetry … sort of like haiku with 14 extra syllables. My niece, who is a poet, is hosting an online Tanka fest and asked for contributions. Soooo, here’s my first tanka:

Morning sun shines pink,
Bands of rose purple and blue,
Through the window pane,
Contemplate virus and crowds, 
Wait for a shining vaccine. 

Note: If you’re interested in seeing more, the tanka contributions will be shared on the Hollywood LA Public Library instagram    https://www.instagram.com/hollywoodlapl/?hl=en
Go for it!

My sister has a bff who has a son working in politics. This son studies and writes about every tweet, every policy debacle, every partisan brawl. Therefore the parents, my sister’s bffs, have to stay tuned in too so they can converse with the son. It’s a lot of work.  Oh man! my sister and I agreed, focusing that much on politics today must be exhausting … woo hoo, so glad our daughters do poetry and theater!  

How many of you, my readers, are brushing your teeth in the MORNING every day? Be honest!  Recently 3:00 PM seems a very reasonable time by which to have my teeth brushed. Who even notices? This morning, for instance, I met outside with a prospective house painter … I was wearing a mask … he was wearing mask … yes, we had to repeat ourselves frequently … but, it could well be that no one in all of Providence had brushed their teeth at that 10 AM hour … and no one would have ever known : )

The jokes about dressing up to take out the garbage … they are not jokes. 

Could one side effect of covid-19 (or, covid-19-induced-ISOLATION) be alcoholism? or will we all magically go back drinking half of what we’re currently belting down?

I mentioned to my therapist that I have been drinking twice as much as I used to. She said she wasn’t terribly worried. Apparently ALL zoom therapy sessions now involve patients gaping as they disclose their alcohol intake.

When restrictions are lifted, and restaurants are open, and the Home Depot allows more than 7 people in the store at a time, will I still stay home if there’s no vaccine??? I’ll remain highly vulnerable to covid because of cancer and diabetes.  But then, what if the cancer on my liver starts spreading again? Am I okay with my days being spent alone, inside? Do I choose cancer over covid as my end? Tough call.  Suppose I’ll weigh the risks later.   
Right now I really, really want to walk into a grocery store, browse the shelves, grab a cereal box, and read ingredients! Who could have guessed that that would be a fantasy? I also want to go to my neighborhood bar, drink a margarita, and eat nachos. Most of all I want to hug my friends and family again … it’s been a while. 

My hair is thinning, which I pointed out to my NP, Jen, last time I was at Dana Farber. Look! Look how thin it is here, and here! It must be the meds! Jen remarked that she did not know of any hair thinning caused by my current medications. Ya know, it could just be that you’re older now.
Oh, well, umm, okay, I suppose that’s a possibility.
So, anyway, after that appointment I started taking nutrients, in the form of gummies, to help the hair situation. I don’t know if the gummies work or not, but they are DELICIOUS first thing in the morning. And my hair? well, it’s not really that bad … I am almost 60 after all.    

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  1. Out here in CA, where one has to mask up in order not to be outcast, I find that it is better to brush before masking up–especially if one made breakfast burritos! On another note, my alcohol intake is the same as before, but I will admit that my pours are a tad longer than my regular bartenders (except for Jen!). A West Coast hug is always here for you!

  2. Love your Covid thoughts. And Tanka !!!
    Rex, can I get some of those gummies too ?! Please.
    Is it bad to lie to ones therapist about how much one is drinking ?

  3. We have Elderberry Gummy Bears! They are delicious. We also have elderberry syrup, that is delicious too. I put it in my tea!

    I had given up ice cream and wine for the last 4 months, the embargo started after a 2 month binge over the holidays. I had wine and ice cream on Saturday for the first time since January – and this is very sad – both made me sick. My head stuffed up from the wine and the the ice cream gave me a bad case of heartburn. I cannot deny the evidence any longer and carry on regardless. I actually think wine and ice cream are off my list. How can that be?

    Well at least I don’t have to lie to my therapist (if I had one.)

    And – I got dressed and washed my hair this morning before putting out the garbage!

    Hugs – Susan

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