Quick Updates

  1. Covid vaccine
    This Tuesday I’m scheduled for my SECOND vaccine shot.  The three weeks between shots — have felt like three years.
  2. Chemo/Nausea
    Monday was AWESOME … no nausea!  Such relief! 
    Unfortunately on Tuesday I woke up queasy.  Mild though, maybe a 3 out of 10 on the nausea scale..  The queasiness stuck around, off and on, the whole day and evening.  Wed, Thu, Fri too : ( 
    Not terrible nausea … nothing like the ten days last month.  I can live with this, I keep reassuring myself : )  

  3.  Car shopping
    Tuesday I remembered that I DO need a car, that works.  So, queasily I went shopping.  It was EXHAUSTING, but I succeeded … I bought a car.  Wednesday morning when I picked it up, it struck me that it was actually sort of fun to have a new, working car.    
    new little car


12 Replies to “Quick Updates”

  1. So glad you are getting your second COVID vaccine soon! Love the new Subaru!! Hoping your nausea goes away. xox

  2. Shopping for a car is as hard as performing your own colonoscopy (don’t ask how I know) — Well done Sir!

    1. Haha, yes! I’ve got the whole 1 to 10 nausea/vomiting scale mapped out. For instance a 4 or higher means the bucket is in the same room as you. 7 means the bucket actually goes to bed with you. 9 means it’s under your chin. You know what 10 means.

      Last month, when there were ten bad days, I couldn’t drink coffee in the morning. That’s serious. I also didn’t have any desire for alcohol in the evenings. What?!! And the thought of vegetables was abhorrent. I was the ANTI-Kaki.

  3. You’re gonna love your new car soon enough – now that getting out and doing things in the real world is in sight !

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