Plastic bags

I am a BIG believer in Reduce/Reuse/Recycle.  Waste of any kind makes me crazy.

Twice a month now (because my insurance company will only allow me a 14 day supply at a time) outrageously expensive medicine is delivered to me … via FedEx … signature required. The meds arrive in a nearly bullet-proof cardboard box, filled with wads of air-filled padding, surrounding a heavy-duty-zip-lock plastic bag. Inside the plastic bag there is a hard plastic medicine bottle containing my pills, which are each individually wrapped in cardboard and foil pouches. Quite like going thru a set of Russian Babushka dolls to retrieve my pills.

There’s not much I can do about all this packaging — other than reuse and recycle.  Since the zip-lock plastic bags are AWESOMELY sturdy, they always get stowed in my kitchen drawer for later use. And while they are impressively sturdy they are also unfortunately branded with what looks like a skull and cross bones …  

Now, I’m really used to this stuff by now, so the yellow caution warnings don’t bother me at all.  I reuse the bags a lot.  They are especially good for freezing things like yummy, homemade cookies.  

Last week I stayed with my cousins in Boston and brought some lovely, leftover, coconut cake … in a sturdy (branded) plastic bag.

Hope they ate it!          : )

12 Replies to “Plastic bags”

  1. Glad the bigger concern at the moment is packaging. 🙂 FWIW, my dog’s food (The Farmer’s Dog) is delivered with “styrofoam” can you can dissolve in the sink with water. Maybe pass this tip along to your drug people. 🙂

    And yes for Kaki’s Kookies!

  2. Great reuse of plastic bags. And I’ve had your cookies and they Deserve a cautionary note…. LOL… I’m kidding. Your cookies are great. Just next time add a little gluten and they’ll be fine….. love you and your blog

  3. The bags do look cool and your re-use of them is characteristically ingenious. Marketing baked goods packaged in these bags would be a clever marketing idea (aside from the small fact that it violates every facet of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act –sorry once an FDAer, always an FDAer). But you never followed any stinkin rules anyway.

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