Apologies.  Last post I said that I was going for an MRI to see if radiation could help my symptoms, since I want to attend my nephew’s wedding.  Once the MRI was all scheduled, my symptoms GREATLY improved!  For FOUR days I almost felt normal.  So, we canceled the MRI.  Yay!
Day five, of course, symptoms back, Murphy’s law and all.

So, no MRI in October, but I did spend this last Thursday at DF.  Just the regular routine:  blood work, docs, shots in the butt.  Blood work again was not good; numbers, again, way up.  But we’re giving the butt shots a little more time to work.  Actually, who knows, maybe the shots are helping even now — my numbers could be worse.  When I asked Dr Eric he said that, no, the numbers do not tell us how much longer you will live.

So today is Sunday.  My rear end is still a bit sore, and I am almost packed for the wedding.  I leave on Wednesday.   : )

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