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I was doing some online banking this morning and had to call the 800 number to finish up.  This was frustrating — ended up having to call three different numbers, was given incorrect information, and wasted much effort trying to navigate the voice operated system.  Ugh.  Nope!  Apparently we have to talk to an actual person to close an account.  That person, John, immediately inquired about why I was closing the account and gosh wouldn’t I be interested in investment options from the bank?  I decided to pull the cancer card:  John, I said, I have CANCER, so, NO I am not interested in investing, I just want to close the account and spend the money.

Haha on me.  The cancer card didn’t work. 

John started telling me his own cancer story.  He had had a tumor on his spine, was in a wheelchair, and his doctors had pretty much written him off.  John decided to ‘make the doctors wrong.’  We spent ten minutes talking about various cancer details and things he used to help himself heal.  John is now almost completely healed and the spinal tumor is gone … this is a cancer which was supposed to kill him years ago.  

When you get a cancer diagnosis you automatically join a club.  It’s not a club anyone wants to join, but there you are.  Sometimes a fellow member shows up and startles you … often in a good way.  And it’s interesting how a stranger can change your day, change your outlook, remind you about optimism.  Thank you, John in Pittsburgh, for our conversation.  And thank you for closing my account.   

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  1. The cancer club, like the infertility club is full of interesting stories. Everytime we think we’ve heard it all…. ❤️😘💪🏽👍🏼 Love u!

  2. Well that story is some pickles! Good for John and good for you! This exchange sounds much better and more uplifting than the doppelganger ones depicted in the Discover Card commercials.

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