Nov 2020 update

Last Thursday was a Dana Farber day.   Dr Eric walked into the exam room where I was waiting, to ask if it was okay for a new Fellow to examine me.  I said yes of course, and then said, Hey, my numbers are GOOD, eh!   He said he hadn’t seen them yet.  So I showed him on my phone.  It is new that patients can see their tumor marker numbers right away – we used to have to wait a week, until after we had definitely had time to talk with our doc about them.  Dr Eric looked at my phone, smiled, and said, you definitely are an interesting case! 
(Remember, these meds weren’t expected to be terribly helpful, and now I’ve been on them for four months.)

Other than that not much to report.  I’m still way tired all the time, but that’s okay – we’re in the middle of a pandemic anyway.  : )


Cleo 2020 glamour shot

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