No rest for, the great wig

Yesterday did not go as planned.  My white blood cell count was low again.  Too low to give me treatment, so chemo number 5 is postponed to next week.  Starting next week I’ll also be injecting myself for four days after each chemo with a drug to boost my white blood cell count (crack for neutrophils).

Don’t think I’ve mentioned this in the blog yet, but in addition to cancer, I have Type I diabetes … which yeah, really s*!@ks, but at least I know how to give myself shots.   I got diabetes at age thirteen and barely remember life before daily injections and watching out for high and low blood sugars.  Thirty-one years after getting diabetes I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My doctor at the time said, “You’ll be at an advantage because of diabetes!  You know how to deal with the medical system.”  (This was infuriating to hear, even though she was right.)  After living with diabetes I thought maybe I’d catch a break and not have to deal with another major medical condition.   …   As they say, no rest for the weary.

But back to the cancer.  More importantly, back to hair!  I found a fabulous wig yesterday.  OMG it  looks better than my old hair, but also looks so much like my own hair that no one noticed when I wore it last night.   pics pics pics.  Including a ‘before’ picture for comparison.

2016 – a good hair day
2018 – the wig!

It is AWESOME how many wig colors and wig styles exist!  Could look like almost anyone.  (Hmm, why did I choose myself?  Shoot.  What was I thinking!)


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  1. Love the do. Looks good! And good to know there are lots of good options. (BTW, You’ve got excellent selfie game!) xoxo

  2. You look so great that I’m beginning to think you made the right call on not going with the Foreign Legion kepi …

  3. Lovely – our hair is certainly part of our identity. I am glad you found a wig that suits you as you. You are so special, resilient, and sparkly, and the wig goes along with that. Thank you for the news on your white blood count – I will pass that to Martin. Sending healing love!

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