More notes re Thursday

Back to Thursday because there were a couple items that didn’t make it into the last post.

Jen wasn’t in on Thursday, so instead a young “fellow” named Daniel met with me before Eric. On his white coat, it said MD and PhD, so I asked about his PhD. He said his post graduate work focused specifically on the cell biology and genetics of metastatic breast cancer tumors. Awesome! Really nice to meet you, Daniel! And, could you speed things up a little? we’re cutting it a little close here!

I showed Daniel my new insulin pump! (I’m so, so pleased with it : ) It’s a ‘pod’ stuck to my skin, with three days worth of insulin stored inside. NO TUBES, no tether! I’ve been tethered to an insulin pump for 25 years and this feels spectacular. I described the pod changing process every third day, and Daniel showed an admirable amount of interest, considering diabetes is not his field.

When Eric joined us in the exam room, delivering the news about my growing tumors, we discussed the new medication I’ll be taking, Megestrol.
Side effect #1 — Ya might gain a little weight. In fact this drug is used to help people gain weight. When I later told my friend Alison this, she laughed and said, finally! you’ll be a little fat! : )
Side effect #2 — When you eventually go off this med, you will probably have a period. A period, really? Wait, just one I hope? Yes, just one. Oh, okay, one period I can handle, I can get supplies from my daughter.
Eric next pointed out that it’s sort of an ‘old’ drug, not used terribly frequently anymore, so my pharmacy may need a few days to get it in stock. Of course, I live in Rhode Island! so before I even left Boston my Walgreens texted to say my Megestrol was ready for pick-up.

Here’s a pod on my leg. Started these July 30th! (That’s Cleo in the background.)


Next DF appointment is Sep 3 … to check how I’m tolerating the new medicine.  
And how much weight I’ve gained   : )

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  1. Wow Kaki – I look at the pod and marvel that you think it is unobtrusive. It’s all in the perspective! I look forward to hearing more!

  2. The upside here is that you are very thin now so you’ll probably only end up looking like me and all of your other friends !!!

  3. I want to know more – does it matter where you put the pod? Are you experimenting with different locations? It is so cool!
    Also, I love that RI has all the drugs. Ha!

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