I sent an email to Dr Eric today, explaining that my stomach is now USUALLY queasy, or bloated, or burpy, or all of the above. (I’ve never been a burper before.)  Energy level also worse. 

I asked if radiation is an option to temporarily reduce the tumors so they press less on my stomach. 

Also asked, isn’t there something like liposuction for cancer?  Oncosuction maybe?   Ya know, a little cocktail-straw sized pipette, a little suction, and voila — I can attend my nephew’s wedding in November without throwing up! 

He replied, come in this Thursday and we’ll do a scan to see if radiation is possible.  Lipo? … no.

Fine.  See you Thursday. 

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  1. Kaki,
    So good to hear from you! Your post while supremely frustrating is also an inspiration even more to your fortitude and courage in facing what you are going through. Please know that you are often in our thoughts with love and well wishing.
    All our Love,
    Bruce & Rhonda

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