like alcohol

Last week was the first time I had chemo and didn’t feel horrible afterwards.  The days weren’t exactly normal, but they weren’t terrible.  My friend Rex called to inquire and when he heard the update said, well maybe ya build up a tolerance, like alcohol.  Oh Rex, I wish chemo was like alcohol!!!

Also last week I decided to ask my oncologist the question:  How long?

I think your chance of being around in a year are almost a slam dunk.  Your odds of being here in two years are pretty darn high, probably 80%.  In terms of 5 years, I think the average person like you would only rarely be around in 5 years.

This is not a favorite question for doctors, and not a favorite question for patients either.  I had been thinking 2-5 years, but hearing it was very, very different.  Made it real.

This week has been an off week, no chemo, but scans instead (CT and MRI).  No big deal, just a big amount of time.  Next week, on Tuesday, I will get the results.  Next Tuesday I will also get chemo again — hoping it’s just like a double martini with olives.

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  1. Well then.

    I’ve always known you are definitely not average, and most definitely rare. 🙂

    Really glad the last chemo was not horrible. Cheers to next week! And I hope to get out of this cast sooner rather than later and see you and play!! XOXO

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