last Sunday thru today

As I was saying, last Sunday afternoon my rear end was still a bit achy, but I was gettin’ ready to go to the wedding in Raleigh!

Then Sunday night, out of the blue, with like 20 seconds warning, I threw up! Gross, yes! I did make it to the sink in time, so not too, too bad. I was shaking afterward and thinking, okie dokie, no way I can get on an airplane. Called my sister to say she’d have to attend our nephew’s wedding solo.

Then, Monday I felt unusually okay. Same Tuesday … I felt pretty darn okay.  So, I actually did get on a plane Wednesday and flew to Raleigh. The wedding was SO, SO MUCH FUN, and I even drank a glass of champagne : )  
  Haven’t thrown up since last Sunday.  

Life and vomit are unpredictable.


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  1. I’m glad you had a swell trip, enjoyed the wedding and didn’t have to search for a crown (inside joke)!

  2. Just getting out of the house is impressive these days! But all the way to Raleigh, out in public, 6 legs in airplanes (right?) And you had a great time! That’s so awesome, well done! Sending love in your direction!

  3. I am so grateful you were able to be there! It was wonderful to see you again (and to dance and drink champagne just like back in the day ❤️)

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