Want to add a quick post about Jennefer — and, I will correct the spelling if I find out this is wrong, but “JENNEFER” was written on the white board.  She was my nurse on Thursday last week in the hospital.  Now, I have to say that ALL the nurses, nurses aids, blood letters, rabbis, and waste basket empty-ers at the hospital were fantastic – down right LOVELY.  But on my last day, Jennefer and I sort of bonded, mostly because we laughed.  She praised my ‘cheery outlook’ and we got talking about why some people can be optimistic and others, eh not so much.  She said to me, “You should write this down,” to which I shrugged.  She added, “It could help someone else.”  Help someone else?  Really?  Nah.  Really?  “Yes!” Jennefer said.

And so after years of thinking one day I would write about my life (of ill health) and many friends urging me too, Jennefer persuaded me.  Think maybe Jennefer and I were friends in a past life   : )

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