Jan 5, 2021 — DF

The trip up and back to DF today was quite efficient, record time!  — but the numbers could have been a little more cooperative. My ‘important’ tumor marker number is headed in the wrong direction, meaning, scans in a few weeks then probably new meds.  During the appointment Jen said, ya know that there are no medals given for suffering through pain!  (Have I mentioned my sternum has been rather ‘uncomfortable’  for a few months?). She encouraged me to go home and take the narcotics she prescribed last year.      I did.       Nothing!  Nada.  No high. No smiles. No silliness.  Barely even any change in the pain.     So what’s a person to do? Have a glass of scotch, obviously, and then head for bed.  
But first, quickly, Merlin was a bit miffed that only Cleo got a glamour shot in the last post.

Merlin glam



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