Have been back home now for a week and a  half.  My daughter and I spent ELEVEN days together, mostly in a car.  We didn’t kill each other, therefore the trip was a success!  We flew from Providence to San Francisco, then drove down the Pacific Coast Highway to LA, and then headed east on the old Route 66 as far as Amarillo, Texas, before flying home.  An amazing and exhausting 11 days. 

This is my dining room wall showing our route (red line) with photos fanning out from roughly the correct locations:

In my mind this trip would be a summer whirlwind for my twenty-year-old daughter to remember fondly.  And I think it was.  Cancer didn’t come in to play too much during the trip, but OY my blood sugars were all over the map (usually at the north pole) so I showed my daughter how to check my blood sugar while I was driving.  It was  awesome to have a diabetes assistant!  Hoping that’s not what she remembers most about the trip!  : )   

Here’s the Grand Canyon pic again, right side up:

Grand Canyon Mimicking My Hair


And a few other pics  …

We saw and did so many awesome things!!!  Will we be able to do another trip?  Dunno.   Might not even be my  health getting in the way of a future trip — could just be that one road trip with mom is enough : )   


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  1. Kaki, you were so close! The next time you’ll have to come down San Diego way–always room for you!–and have a good fish taco!

    1. Hey Darryl! Next time indeed! On this trip we covered way too many miles to stop. Different lodging every night and hours and hours of driving In between. We’d plan it a bit differently next time : )

  2. I have a photo of one of my stepbrothers and I standing on the buried cars – my mom and stepdad lived in Amarillo. 😊

  3. Such a cool and daring thing to do… After seeing Carey on the 20th I’d say it was a big success ! Kudos on being a fearless and adventurous traveler AND mother !

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