HAIR today, gone tomorrow

Yep, it’s happening, despite best efforts.  At least half of my hair is now gone, and my oncologist said yesterday, “don’t bother with the cool cap anymore, it’s all gonna go.”

And so, how did we get here?  Well, last week happened.

Explanation.  My chemo routine is:  Tuesday chemo, Tuesday chemo, week off.  Tuesday, Tuesday, week off.  Tuesday, Tuesday, week off.  I was so excited to have my first week off (last week) and feel good for a whole 7 days.  But over the weekend I started running a fever.  Then the aches, and the sore throat from Hell.  I thought I just caught a bad cold, but I slid downhill pretty fast.  By Sunday my oncologist prescribed Cipro which I was able to pick up locally – did I mention my cancer team is in Boston and I’m in Providence?  He said to call him any time if I felt worse.  I felt worse.  Monday night he said to come in first thing Tuesday.  When my Nurse Practioner walked in the exam room on Tuesday she said, “Word on the street is that you look like shit!”  (I sooo love my NP.)  By the afternoon, I could no longer walk, could no longer talk, was retching in the nurses’ waste bin, and every time I swallowed even just my own spit, it felt like razorblades going down.  Ended up being admitted to the hospital.  THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE MY WEEK OFF.  In the hospital I was on IV hydration, IV narcotic pain meds, anti nausea, antibiotics, anti virals, anti fungals, anti anything you can think of.

All in all it was a pretty lousy Tuesday.  Wednesday got a little better.  On Thursday, with a lot of arm twisting, my oncologist and I talked the hospital doctor into letting me go home.  At home, by Sunday I felt ship shape — hahaha, just in time for a new Tuesday!     : )

The very first hair fallout day was that Thursday in the hospital.  My very first blog post was the following day.  Then, I still didn’t know what to expect with the hair.  Yesterday, Tuesday (yep, first Tuesday in my second cycle of chemo) is when my oncologist said not to bother trying to save the hair, he could tell.  He said it’s probably because my white blood cell count got to zero last week in the hospital.  Zero?  Yep, zero he said.  Yikes.  That almost sounds as scary as losing your hair.

So, I guess I move on to sewing some cute hats or something.  Stay tuned!





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