A few days ago I made a teeny little mistake on Facebook.  Here’s the background  …  A week before my first chemo I went to a tattoo parlor where they specialize in ‘permanent makeup’ to have my eyebrows tattooed.  The woman who tattooed me, Amie,  gave me perfect eyebrows that look, well, they look not tattooed!  She draws individual eyebrow hairs in a couple of shades of color and the result is brilliant.  (My daughter who is a good sleuth found her : )    So, I wanted to thank Amie on her Facebook page and wrote a paragraph describing my pre-chemo tattooing and how happy I was.  I pressed ‘post’.  Immediately Facebook friends started telling me how sorry they were to hear about my cancer, they had no idea!  Whoops.  My review popped up on my own timeline rather than Amie’s timeline.  Sigh.

I’ve never hidden my cancer, but I had also never talked about it on Facebook.  But the little mistake maybe was a good thing …  here in this blog I have talked about my hair falling out and I’ve posted pictures of myself without ever mentioning why my eyebrows were still looking so snappy.  Now everyone knows that they too can have great eyebrows just by visiting Amie.

Now I get to throw in a complaining paragraph.  With all the hair loss, why are those darn little chin hairs are still saluting me every morning?  And why after all the hairs on my left arm have disappeared are there still three inch long stragglers on my right forearm?   Oy!  And, I’m losing some eyelashes now … might have to try falsies.

I did move my ‘thank you Amie’ review to it’s proper location, and also invited my Facebook friends to peek at this blog if interested.  Welcome new blog subscribers!  I will try to keep your interest up.


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  1. I always make those kind of mistakes on FB and some much worse which is why I no longer do FB. But your mistake had a silver lining which is great.

    As to hair growth location all I can say is that at a certain age it is a nonstop battle. Even without your particular challenge. As one of my clients once said to me – getting older for a woman means a huge increase in maintenance time ! This I can attest to.

    Your situation seems to involve a certain unpredictable and unexpected surprise ! element. I’m sure you’ve had your fill of those. I love that you can make it funny.

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