Evening Hair Check-in

Good evening. 

Tonight it felt like SOMETHING should be tacked on to this blog, but, not being in a writing mood, I decided a good ol’ hair update would be fine. Since my scalp has now produced a very workable amount of hair, I’m spending time in the bathroom gratefully fussing with it.  The routine … 

  1. Half hour before shower, apply hair ‘mask’ and work the viscous, lovely smelling cream through hair with fingers. 
  2. Wait. (While waiting, a good portion of the thirty minutes will be spent washing the ‘mask’ off hands.)
  3. Step in shower and wash hair.  Because of the ‘mask’ it will take two or three washings.  Follow with conditioner which soaks in for an additional five minutes … useful time which can be spent not on hair. 
  4. Step out of shower.  Spray on ‘leave-in’ conditioner.  Gently comb through. 
  5. Next, blow dry while pulling outwards with round brush (Pic 1).  Try not to pull too many hairs from their follicles during this step … tricky.
    Pic 1. After blow drying
  6. Time for the formidable flat iron.  Find it in the cabinet along with the burn protection glove that came with it .  This thing is scary hot … do NOT clip your earlobe with it and do NOT get distracted nor dawdle.  Yes, flat irons are scary, but they are, well, necessary since approx 2010 America.  (Pic 2)
    Pic 2. After ironing.
  7. Last but not least, the POMADE goes in … crack for (my) hair.
    Pic 3. Pomaded.

Pic 3 shows resulting hair after all these many steps.  Oh, and just a teeny touch of makeup (barely worth mentioning) on the adjoining face.  

Good night now.  

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