Doc Week

I went to an ‘alternative’ sort of doctor for the first time.  Most of his advice was like:  “Eat whole grains.”  I do.  “Don’t eat processed foods.”  I don’t.  “How often do you exercise?”  Five times a week.  “Good girl.”  He did have a few new items for me, which I am trying:  eat more protein, and, take two  L-glucosamine  L-glutamine tablets a day.  Okie dokie.  

Dana Farber:   (1) Blood draw,  (2) MRI of abdomen, (3) CT scan of chest. 
The computer systems were having some glitches.  Staff weren’t able to see which tests each patient needed.  Results weren’t getting to doctors.  Patients were waiting way too long and were grumbling.  Somehow I sailed through.  (1) Blood draw was only ten minutes late, after I bumped into a  blood nurse in the hallway and pleaded my case (nicely).  (2) MRI proceeded, even though I forgot that I now wear a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) on my belly for diabetes.  This device which contains metal parts potentially could have:  ruined me, ruined the MRI machine, or ruined the test results … but all was surprisingly fine.  I apologized profusely for simply forgetting that I was wearing this patch on my abdomen which contains metal … the technician saw it on the scans … he came out mid scan to ‘inquire‘!  Oops.   (3) For my CT scan, I was one of the few patients for which the staff had a printout of my scan requirements … I skipped ahead of several less lucky, patients. 

Dana Farber (again):  Results from yesterday  …  ALL OKAY!  
Scans showed the tumors stable.  Not growing.  Not multiplying.  
Blood tests showed both tumor markers went down!  
And, I feel good.  Strangely good.  I mean, STRANGELY good.  Could be the L-glutamine tablets.  Really!      

Checking in with my primary care doc to figure out blood pressure meds.  

Long week.  Four days of doctor appointments.  Three different states.  Many tests, many results.  All’s good.  Even the hair.  ONWARD!      

December hair

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