DF today

Just a quick update.  Had a CT scan, an MRI, then bloodwork, meeting with NP, meeting with oncologist, and meeting with therapist.  Squeezed in ten minutes of meditation during this schedule (because the APP TRACKS my daily diligence:) !!!   Even managed to take a quick nap sometime  in the there (much needed – i  got up at 4:00 am to start this day!). 

The bloodwork showed tumor markers down slightly (that’s the right direction).  Scans showed that previous tumors on liver had shrunk a bit (that’s great!). But scans also showed a new ‘tumor-looking-spot’ on my liver.  I suggested maybe it was a smudge on the film. NP said, sorry nah. I suggested a pumpkin seed lodged in my right lobe? I’ve been eating a LOT of pumpkin seeds, you know   : )

Yeah, probably not a pumpkin seed either, but we’ll just look again in four months and see what’s happening.  Nothing at all changes with my current treatment.  Nothing critical.  

Sooo, I’m headed to my FABULOUS bathtub. Can’t fathom anything better right now.  Tomorrow, another day to plan forward!




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  1. I agree with Andrea – you are amazing.
    I’ll look into coral and turquoise colored rubber ducks. Ebay has everything…!

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