I’m making decisions, every day, like all of us.   
One factor in decisions now is my doctor’s prognosis, … if I’m only going to be around for 2-5 years, then … ?  Contrarily, I mull over how weirdly good I feel and think, … oh, that 2-5 years thing doesn’t apply to me

So!  I made a decision to install a bathtub in my bathroom. Then I decided, what the heck, while I’m at it, why not add a half bath to the apartment!  (My daughter thinks that one is overkill.)  But, if I’ve got limited time, I’d like to have a nice soak — yes!  And, since more friends and family seem to be visiting, a half bath will make all of that easier — yes!  However, a rather frugal mom raised me, so maybe these home improvements are unnecessary? Wasteful?  Nah, even mom spent money before she died.  Okay, her big splurge was on a new vacuum cleaner, but same idea.  I’ve decided to view my splurges as extra happiness, which will last for years.  How many years doesn’t matter.  

Meanwhile, my apartment is a dusty mess.  My bedroom is now a dumpster.  The bathroom is missing walls.  A mountain of clothing is stacked on the dining table, now my bureau.  I’m sleeping between Harry Potter books and One Direction posters from my daughter’s younger years. 
And, all this is okay -– I decided to be unflappable! 

Cool bathtub … coming soon.
Missing walls, and dust.
The cats, uncharacteristically showing interest.


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  1. Truly brave to decide to do the construction ! Sooooo glad you decided to do it though. Makes perfect sense to me. Nothing quite like a good tub soak…

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