Daytime Style

Yesterday I knocked on doors, volunteering for a local politician.  The day started out cloudy and I did not look at a forecast, so off I went with my headband newly arranged in a ‘daytime’ style (no bow at the ear).  Within 10 minutes of being outside, the sun broke through.  It got hot and steamy very quickly, and I got tired pretty quickly, but in total was outside for about two hours.

Trying to fall asleep last night, my head started feeling prickly and a little sore.  OMGosh – I got sunburned?!!  I always slather sunscreen on my face, and neck, and ears, and arms, but I’m not used to this — my few remaining head hairs provide no scalp protection.  Gonna have to google this  — spray on sunscreen?  Time for the baseball cap (ugh)?  Suggestions?



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  1. Welcome to my world… hat is just not you (if you disagree, I have dozens for you to choose from). I would bet there exists the perfect hat for Kaki……

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