Coulda been crappier

A lot of people are feeling crappy these days.  I know I’ve got company in this.  But recently I’ve had MANY crappy days.   There are layers and layers and layers of, well, crap, contributing to this malaise.  The pandemic, politics, economics, the climate, hate  — those are some external contributors.  My personal internal factors you’re mostly aware of.  For instance, I mentioned that my recent trip to DF revealed an increased tumor marker, meaning I’ll need to switch meds soon.  Switching meds is never fun because it often involves my blood sugars so I have to balance both diseases simultaneously.  Some days, I just want to scream at all the crap.  

A couple months ago while feeling crappy, I bought AirPod Pro’s.  To be clear, “retail therapy” is not a solution I tend towards, but I do exercise at home, in the living room, listening to music; and I thought, since I am such a good doobie about exercise, I will treat myself.  Indeed, the little white ear sticks do make the music sound better.  A lot better.  So that turned out to be a good purchase.  I love those things every time I exercise.  

Today was a crappy day … I’ve upped my cancer meds which make my mood go down and my blood sugar go up.  Taking a walk was the only thing that I could think to do — it should help the mood and the sugars.  I put the AirPods in my ears and left the house.  Forgot to turn on music which was the whole point of the pods, but I walked and walked an walked.   Totaled about two and a half miles.  When I returned home feeling a tiny bit virtuous, I glanced in the mirror and the left pod was missing!   NO.   NO.    NOOOOOOOO!!! 

After checking my clothing for the pod, and my driveway and steps, I felt completely defeated.   I considered retracing my walk, but it had been long and winding.  There was no way to remember which side of the street I was walking on when.  Nevertheless,  I put on glasses and decided to retrace the first half mile.  Do you have any idea how many one inch pieces of white are on sidewalks???  Lot of bird crap, for beginners, plus pieces of Styrofoam, wrappers, and labels.  Soooo frustrating.  I started to wonder, can I buy just a left airpod?  So, so very frustrating, and then, I see it!  MY LEFT POD, on someone’s lawn. 
No way?!?  

Yes way! 


Footnote:  Since “pods” have been a topic for me before, just want to point out that AirPods have nothing to do with w insulin pods : )  
or podcasts. 
or podiatrists.

it’s a miracle!


6 Replies to “Coulda been crappier”

  1. I’m so glad there is a happy ending to this story! Paul lost an Airpod on a return flight from SF when he first got them about a year ago. Looked all over after everyone left the plane. Was in despair. Got home. Took off his sweater–and it fell to the floor! Tricky little things! (This is, however, why I still use my wired buds when I walk.) I’m glad they are fun to listen to when you are exercising, however.

    All the other stuff sucks. So sorry. Let’s walk and talk soon.xoxoxoB

  2. Finding that pod was nothing short of a miracle ! It is astounding that it fell and you found it in grass in the first ¼ mile. A good thing among so many crappy things.

  3. Serves you right for trying to be Ms. Jetsetter with all that new-fangled stuff. Me, I just strap on the gramophone to one of the dogs, adjust the horn and go walking.

    Seriously glad you found you pod

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