Cat Hair

I am a cat person. Totally adore my whiskered, razor clawed, little creatures. But in posting about cat hair, I’m not referring to them, or complaining about the fur clumps they leave on my sofa. I’m describing myself.

A month ago I posted a flattering pic of myself, and pal Wendy commented that my pixie reminded her of Mia Farrow! I was quite tickled with that idea. But these last couple weeks I can’t get the hair to do that anymore! It’s gotten too thick to lay down and look wispy. (Don’t worry, I have been warned that I am NOT allowed to complain about my hair being too thick. Got it!) The new hair coming in, creating the thickness, has never been cut, so it turns out to be VERY soft. Did I mention thick too? I described this to a friend and asked her to pet my head, that it feels like a cat. She did, and she agreed! Have your stylist color it to look like a tabby!!! she suggested.

Apparently ‘product’ is the answer … pomade, specifically. Stay tuned, off to the store!

cat hair

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    1. Hahahahaha. Had to google him to remind myself!
      Unfortunately, Wendy, you are right on target. I preferred the Mia Farrow comparison, but I’m NOT complaining : )

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