camel hair


Ha!  Received a LARGE, surprise camel in the mail!  (Actually, I suppose it’s rather small relative to other camels.)  The cats do NOT know what to make of it, probably because it has funny clumps of camel hair on its camel humps.

A week ago was DF and I neglected to post an update here on the blog.  Several friends contacted me, worried … so, my apologies.  My blood numbers were unremarkable.  The  important tumor marker went down a hundred points (yippee) but my liver function numbers both edged up a bit (hmmm).  My NP said not to worry about the liver numbers, and I’ve been heeding her advice.   

The camel arriving in the mail was much more interesting than my trip to DF.  : )

2 Replies to “camel hair”

  1. That’s a two-hump dromedary! You don’t see a lot of those around. :))
    (And obviously, the cats would agree that mohawk humps are rather unusual.)
    Glad the numbers are overall pretty good. XOXO

  2. So glad the camel was more interesting !!!
    And it surely is quite the camel. Great gift actually.

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