Saturday night a group of wonderful, close friends took me out for a birthday dinner.  Ahead of time I asked one of the friends to tell everyone, no presents.  She replied, I already got you a present, so suck it up, you’re getting presents!  Ha … I got really great presents!  And two birthday cakes!

Monday, my actual birthday, was spent on Block Island being treated to brunch, shopping, boating, and cocktails.  Sunny, relaxing, perfect.

Tuesday another wonderful dinner, with a bottle of excellent champagne.

Even today, Wednesday, multiple presents arrived in the mail.  Yikes, this amazing birthday has stretched on for five days!

What I was hoping to get on my birthday is my hair back, but nope, still no sign of it.  I wore my lovely wig to the dinner party.  I wore it the entire day on Block Island.  I wore it to the store, to the bank, to the car wash.  But it is hot, itchy, and slippy in this summer weather.  The minute I get home …


5 Replies to “birthday!”

  1. Love the fact that the poodle is posing as if in a shot with his/her favorite rock star! That poodle knows the truth! xo

  2. I was wishing my mom Happy Birthday at 10:30 pm, cause I realized it was the 20th at the last minute. Then I remembered it was your birthday too! We both sent you Happy Birthday love. So glad it was a time where you could receive a lot of love.


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