Average and cheers

Yesterday was a Dana Farber day … first visit in over two months. MRI, CT scan, blood work, vitals, NP, MD, and CSW. Results were, well, not great and not terrible. Sort of … average.  

My whole life has felt very average. I’m average height and weight. Average to good social skills. Average to good wits. Average to below average health (although, maybe a little above average health outcome given the handicaps). My home is average size, in an average size city, I drive an average car, etc etc etc. Average feels comfortable. 

Blood work yesterday showed one tumor marker was up slightly, and one was down slightly. Righty! Scans showed that the cancer is growing. (‘Growing’ by the way, is never a good word in oncology.) The tumors are not growing rapidly, but nonetheless growing. Righty! Taken all together, this means it is time to switch to a new medicine; time to try to thwart this cancer with yet another whack-a-mole mallet. As soon as my insurance company okays the new drugs, I will start on a new combo of oral cancer meds. The docs and I also discussed two other options, both involving chemo and hair loss — for different reasons we all settled on this next step.    

If you remember from an earlier post, I stopped drinking alcohol for the last two months, just to see if alcohol might be affecting my cancer. While one person (me) abstaining from alcohol for two months does not make a scientific study, it was an experiment I was interested in. So tonight I had a double scotch … and took a mental inventory of the FANTASTICALLY ABOVE AVERAGE friendships and joy I have in my life.  

Cheers and onward!          

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  1. If you are average, my dear friend, then I suddenly have more hope for humanity than I have had in a while. I’m afraid, however, that you are far from and above average in all of the ways that really count in this life. I will have to take comfort not in humanity as a whole but only in the joy of being your friend. Let’s celebrate that again soon!

  2. Average. Ha! Average depends on the competitive universe. In the universe of global athletes with a credible shot at representing their nations in the next Olympics, for instance, I’d guess you’d probably be mostly below average, honestly, in terms of your overall running, jumping, swimming -type skills. I feel badly saying that, but you know, every now and again, there’s a simple reality of getting older that gets in the way of that dream of competing for the gold…or silver…or bronze…or just finishing the race, even. I had to give up my dreams of becoming a competitive gymnast when that whippersnapper Simone Biles decided to come back with some new moves…I mean COME ON, aren’t all those gold medals she got last time enough already? Give someone else a chance, dangit.

    Funny that though – in terms of brains and experience you’d likely still be pretty competitive, kickass and super-cool, even though you’re not on a box of Wheaties, yet. (You never know…they may introduce fly-fishing as an olympic sport…and if that’s the case, well, we may surprise everyone – especially ourselves – with our no-doubt extremely competitive, and definitely NOT average, skills and talent after we try fly-fishing for the first time next year. For sure, we will look damn good in those thigh-high rubber boot thingies! Right?)

    Look, per most definitions, average = mean. You’re not mean. “Median” and “mode” don’t apply.

    In my universe, there is no “average”; in my universe, you’re the tops. Love you. XXOO

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