Appointment Eve Anxiety

Whenever I have an appointment scheduled at Dana Farber, I spend a good chunk of the day before feeling anxious. Today’s that day of anxiety! Tomorrow, Thursday, I go to DF — first time in seven weeks, which is the longest gap between appointments for me in years. The appointment was supposed to be scheduled for last week, but my doctor was out of town, so it was pushed to this week. Because of that delay I get the added bonus of snow! Two to four inches forecast for tonight, just in time for my morning trek to Boston. Arghhhhhh.

Luckily, distraction can work wonders, and focusing on others is marvelous. Today I had great, good luck with that … Michael Cohen was testifying to Congress all day! What a relief to ponder other peoples’ lives. Thank you Michael and thank you Donald — y’all’s problems are making tomorrow seem like an appointment to get my nails done.

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